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We at Keep Pushing Transportation Services strive to reassure our consumers not to give up and to trust our process to go far and beyond to meet their trucking expectations.

Keep Pushing Transportation Service


Our mission is to build relationships with shippers so they will have full trust and confidence in our company to obtain the best carriers to deliver their freight.

Keep Pushing Transportation Service


We promise to always be fair with our commission charges when executing transactions or providing specialized services. We strive to be fair in our
business decisions by following the rules of the transportation industry and making sure each decision is in the best interest of our cliental.

Keep Pushing Transportation Service


Our goal is to bring value through building trust with our shippers as well as carriers. We strive to provide efficient services, customer satisfaction and to earn their confidence by attaining stability.

Mecole and Danyell Hardman

Meet the owners

Mecole and Danyell Hardman are the Owners of Keep Pushing Transportation Services. They are professional, fun loving, family-oriented, business-minded individuals who love making a difference in others and their community. They pride themselves in providing reliable services and developing long term relationships with different types of businesses. Their slogan is trust the process and keep pushing.

Carrier Package

Our Carrier Package

To download our Carrier Package documents, please click on the links below. 

Carriers, please register at or click below.

Beautiful Sunset
"There is no situation like the open road, and seeing things completely afresh." 

- James Young

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